Linkage Kit

The Kubota/Iseki Compact Tractor 3 Point Linkage Kit with Top Link will convert compact Japanese tractors such as Kubota and Iseki, which have 2 point linkages, to 3 point linkages. For larger European models such as Ford New Holland, a larger 3 point linkage kit will be needed. This 3 point linkage kit comes complete with a top link.

This particular 3 point tractor linkage kit is fantastic value for money and will fit Kubota and Iseki compact tractors. It is ideal for attaching a plough or other agricultural implement to your compact tractor.

All Kubota 3 point linkage kit parts are made from high quality steel and protected from rust, with galvanized black lower link arms.


Complete 3 point Linkage kit contains:
  •  2x Lower Link Arm
  •  2x Stabilizer
  •  RH Leveling Rod
  •  LH Leveling Rod
  •  Lower Link Bar
  •  Category 1 Top Link
  •  2x Lift Arm Clevis Parallel Brackets